Borna Nassab is the principal of Bornassab Studio Inc. and the Director of Architectural Development at Strategic Legacy Investment Group Inc. (SLIG) and its subsidiaries, headquartered in downtown Los Angeles. His Architectural work focuses on morphology, mutant forms, and tectonics. He holds a 5 year-professional bachelor degree in Architecture from SCI-Arc where he also worked as a teacher’s assistant for visual study courses. Borna has worked with world renowned design firms such as Optimist inc, Xefirotarch, and Mayes Office in which he has been an integral team member on different scale projects from custom houses, multi-family developments, museums, art installations, stage and set design, experiential design, and product design. Beside his passion for Architecture and design, he has been working closely with multiple development, investment, and financial organizations in which he has gained practical knowledge and experience about the financial aspects of a design project which led him to become the ambassador of the year 2018 at SLIG.

Awards and Publications

2019 - “SCI-Arc 4.0” Project featured in “Discrete, Reappraising The Digital In Architecture” book; guest-edited by Gilles Restin

2018 - Strategic Legacy Investment Group “Ambassador of the Year”

2018 - “Fuerza Natural” Project featured in Off-ramp 6.0

2018 - “Fuerza Natural” Project featured in Underscore Magazine 4th Edition

2017 - “The Evil Twin” Project published by Next Top Architects, Super Architects, and underscore

2017 - “The Evil Twin” Project featured in Off-ramp 5.0

2016 - Finalist of IsArch 7th Edition Competition

2016 - “Villa Springs” Project published by Archdaily and Next Top Architects

2016 - “10 Hudson Yards Tower” Project Published by Next Top Architects and Super Architects

2016 - “10 Hudson Yards Tower” Project featured in Off-ramp 4.0

2015 - 1st Prize Winner of SunCal “FlatFigures” Competition

2014 - Member of Henry Cobb’s fabrication team for Hypostyle exhibition

2014,15,16 - Recipient of SLR Scholarship

2013,14,15,16,17 - Recipient of SCI-Arc scholarship award